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Our courses incorporate every Adult Learning Principle possible - and are specifically designed to "accelerate" learning, "increase retention of knowledge" and "expand on existing knowledge".  

Key Learning Outcomes

As you would expect our accelerated learning and training programs are dedicated to the achievement of Key Learning Outcomes.  Each of our courses have specific Key Learning Outcomes and as experts in Adult Learning we have specifically designed our courses to make sure our learners achieve those Key Learning Outcomes by maximising: 
  • retention of knowledge
  • application of knowledge at every opportunity
  • use and expansion of existing knowledge
  • feedback
  • motivation to complete the training program 
In addition, each course has 4 key components:

1. Training and Coaching Resources
2. Assessments
3. Learning Resources and Learning Transfer Tools
4. Administration Forms eg Training Certificate and Evaluation forms

This consistent 4 section format, has been developed using adult learning principles to ensure the purpose of each section underpins and re enforces the Key Learning Outcomes.  This is achieved by using a variety of assessments, learning transfer resources and measurement tools.


Each course contains a minimum of 3 assessment activities.

These assessments have been specifically designed for you or your learners to provide evidence to demonstrate part or complete competence in each of the Key Learning Outcomes.

If you or your learners are embarking on - or are currently completing competency based management or business studies - completion of these modules could secure you access to "recognised prior learning" exemptions. So for example if you are completing a management qualification you may be able to provide
evidence of learning in key areas required for this qualification.

Remember you don't have to do the assessments if you don't want to as they are optional!

Learning Transfer Tools

As Adult Learners you or your learners will need to embed the learning back in the work place as soon as possible after the training. 

Each module has a minimum of 3 "On the Job" Feedback or Embedding tools to ensure that at any given time you or your team are motivated, supported and kept on track - applying the knowledge "on the job".  

So as you can see we have done all the work for you!  Why not give it a go today and check out a course!
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