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Learning & Development Questions
Yes the options are yours - the program is designed for numerous key purposes - for example 'one on one' coaching sessions, training sessions for small groups (these can be one hour or up to three hour sessions), for adding interest, variety and learning into team meetings - and finally to promote learning conversations in the workplace when questions and guidance is sought of you - by your people.
The Just in Time® Learning system will help you prepare for your next coaching or mentoring session by updating you on the latest 'thinking' on the subject you have chosen for your next session - or to remind you of some key principles which can help you or your coachee during the session.  Once you have chosen the topic - we suggest talking through the slides with your coachee to update, refresh or upskill them on the topic.  This will help your coachee get into the right mindset to make good decisions and to guide their thinking as you ask them questions relating to their performance, behaviour and skill levels in the differing situations you are coaching them through.  To enhance the quality of these learning conversations, choose a couple of tools from the 'Exercise and Resource' pack, to discuss and use during the session to provide more variety and interest for your coachee.  At the end of the session, give your coachee or mentee some 'On the Job' learning resources to take away to remind them of and to re enforce the learning back in the workplace - especially if you are not there all the time to help or guide them.  
We believe the key to employee engagement is the line manager! Our goal is to help line managers and team leaders develop their staff by teaching, mentoring, coaching and conversing with their staff on a regular basis. Our modules guide this process and provide the content, tools and resources to enable the manager to lead their people to higher levels of performance, motivation, and learning  - all of which directly correlate and lead to higher employee engagement levels in today's workplaces.
The Just in Time® Learning system is a division of HCM Global - a recognised leader in the field of Learning & Development - and has won numerous industry awards for our learning design and adult learning techniques over the last decade.  In addition, we are the preferred supplier to many of the world's leading companies (for a snapshot go to the "About Us"  tab) and the topics chosen represent our most popular courses.  Our material has been tried and tested within many industry groups and in many countries and we have specifically chosen content which is widely recognised as 'best practice' and which is the most applicable across all industries.  Above all, we ensure the content is easy to understand, applicable, concise and easily understood as we know you don't have much time on your hands!  
Our clients are far ranging from Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Publishing to Professional Services - see "Our Clients" tab for a snapshot.
Every day we teach, train, coach and mentor employees at all levels within business and we have delivered training in countries such as Canada, USA, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Australia, South Africa, UK and many more. 
To prepare - all you need to do is plan how you want to deliver the training, read through the materials, familiarise yourself with the content and decide which resources you will use - you can use as many or as few as you would like.  Also remember we tell you what to say and what exercises to do, every step of the way - or you can do it your way - the choice is yours!
Our programs are designed to use 'best practice' thinking, be concise and easy to use - therefore applicable to anyone, anywhere. A degree of customisation is achievable when you prepare and deliver the session. To customise, all you have to do is work through each slide or tool with your team or coachee and ask them how they can translate this knowledge into their workplace or in their situation.  This will promote a learning conversation and will help you assess their understanding of the knowledge and how they can potentially apply it back in the workplace.   This assessment technique serves as a "case study" approach and will be very useful in determining your team members' understanding.  Another way is to do the customisation yourself as part or your preparation process - to do this all you need to do is think of real life examples from your work place to illustrate each main point you make as you work through the slides.
All you need is access to the internet for the slideshow presentation, a pc or laptop and copies of the materials you wish to use during your session.
(Handy hint - if you don't have a whiteboard and think you may need one - blue tack some paper to the wall.)

Team Leaders: to develop the skills of their team as well as themselves by using the materials to coach/mentor/train.
Managers: to refresh, update, upskill their team and who need to coach/train/mentor their teams.
Coaches and Mentors:  to add value to their coaching sessions by sharing current day thinking, resources and on the job learning tools in particular topics. The modules are designed to help the coach prompt and ask the best questions possible in order to help guide coachees and mentees in the processes of decision making, solution finding and alternative thinking.

Anyone: who wishes to develop their core business skills and who wants a fast and easy way to learn on line - without going through pages and pages of information, knowledge and levels of complexity that is sometimes just not needed.


General Questions
The system is designed to be as user friendly as possible, with as few clicks as possible to plan, purchase and access your materials.  The first time you use the system and purchase materials it will take you about 4 minutes to set up your account and to purchase - however the second time will be much faster and will take about 2 minutes -  as your account will already be set up!
1 Month from the date and time of purchase unless you are a corporate license holder.  (Corporate license holders have one year.)
Of course! We promise we will not release any of your personal information to a third party.  We also use the best systems available for you to make payments with the appropriate security and safety mechanisms in place.
Absolutely not! Otherwise we will not be able to continue to offer these learning programs and materials at these crazy rates! In fact the more people that use the system the lower the prices will go!
On a more serious note - our sophisticated systems monitor daily activity and track suspected miss use of passwords.  This can result in the suspension and shut down of user accounts without warning.
We do! You are entitled to download and photo copy the materials for small group training sessions or one on one coaching sessions or team meetings.  The materials are not to be used for commercial purposes.
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